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FinSettle is first and foremost a financial settlement technology designed to support the process of taking cash/stock instructions from holders during public and private mergers and acquisitions. This unique technology helps deal teams navigate cross-boarder and domestic tax certification challenges and even handles the complexities associated with managing escrows. Brought to you by global digital communications firm, The Reach Agency, FinSettle offers the latest in online technology to support a transaction and services to complement the broader communication strategy.

FinSettle is capable of offering clients best-in-class, well-tested online services when running a digital transaction process. Corporate firms who partner with FinSettle to access these services gain the benefit of our international capabilities and highly configurable code base that can be wielded to support the needs of just about any kind of corporate transaction or restructure.

With FinSettle, firms can carry out the treasury function during private acquisitions themselves, or they can fully outsource the treasury function to Reach's partner and shareholder, Computershare Inc. Secure a partnership with Reach FinSettle to support all your corporate transactions and experience the value of working with our professional team.

Why use FinSettle on your next M&A deal?


Gain access to leading online technology that greatly shortens the close-out of the transaction, provides a better experience to holders, and eliminates rework and errors.


Deliver your clients better service and greater transparency through real-time reporting and dashboards, reducing demands on your team.


Easily handle all types of transactions from the one platform, including complex cash / stock and escrow deals across multiple jurisdictions.


Save time by using FinSettle's automated reminders and follow-up tools. Shareholders love the convenience of the simple-to-use mobile-friendly portals.


Integrated access to one of the world's largest and most reliable treasury service providers.

An Acquirer's Perspective

"I've been using the Computershare M&A portal for the last 3 years now. The digital platform has made a world of difference. Previously the process was very archaic, very messy, very time consuming, as it was via postal mail... The digital platform has truly been life changing for the shareholders." M&A Stock Lead, Cisco Systems

Watch Cisco Discuss the M&A Portal

FinSettle solves the exchange 'blackspot' for Cisco

The Deals Management Team of Cisco Systems Inc. identified a need to find a better transaction process for their acquisitions. The geographic spread of target shareholders and poor visibility of take-up during the takeover period was costing the company on every deal.

Cisco required an online paying agent facility that allowed the target shareholders a convenient method of accessing the deal terms and to support the secure processing of their payment instructions.

The Reach Agency delivered a digital solution that became the interface between the target shareholders and Cisco's registry provider; Computershare.

The solution - first delivered in 2017 - has supported all of Cisco's private acquisitions since it was implemented, processing billions of dollars.

The Reach Agency deployed their FinSettle technology to not only address the commercial needs of Cisco but to go beyond. The innovative digital offering achieved outstanding results in shareholder engagement, real-time visibility on take-up. It led to highly successful transactions closed in a much shorter timeframes, with virtually no errors and significant cost savings.

An M&A Law Firm's Perspective

A major Canadian law firm deploys FinSettle on private acquisition deals to meet client expectations for timing and transparency when taking lead counsel.

Firm innovates Canadian private transaction services with FinSettle.

Market-leading, Canadian-based M&A law firm implemented FinSettle technology on its private market transactions. Through FinSettle, the firm was able to offer their client real-time access to take-up metrics and an online process for holders to provide their acceptance instructions and tax certification.

The Reach Agency has delivered the FinSettle technology for deals which often require a Paying Agent website to go live in as little as a few days. Reach is uniquely structured to provide the greatest level of deal customisation and options on each transaction.

The firm routinely performs private market transaction and confirmed that FinSettle has saved a significant amount of money and time when compared to the traditional methods of approaching target holders. Access to the live status of individual holders has helped them to mop up the stragglers quickly and efficiently.

This firm utilised the integrated Computershare treasury service for payment processing, foreign exchange facilities and tax verification processing.

Clear Return Metrics

When we do an acquisition the simplicity of that exchange process is tremendous. The M&A portal has allowed us to provide our shareholders with a seamless, painless process for receiving their proceeds. It's been critical to our success and our shareholder's happiness.

Cisco Deals Management Team.

US$4.5 Billion

In transaction values to date


Online completion rate (vs paper)


Reduction in errors

Average Time Saved Closing Transactions

Statistics as at December 30, 2019 across multiple clients and jurisdictions

The traditional vs digital private transaction process; a comparison of the immediately available information;

Figure 1.1 - Private M&A Transaction Lifecycle

Digitising the Private M&A Transaction

The above infographic demonstrates a comparison between the traditional paper and digital private transaction process. The digital method of holder engagement delivers transparency throughout the lifecycle of the deal and the web asset deployed can even be repurposed to contribute to the post-transaction communication strategy

The Key Benefits

Reduce Timeframes

The highest priority is getting target holder acceptance and instructions as soon as possible.

Reduce Expenses

Electronic communications with automated follow-up and reminders save significant processing and management costs. Reducing submission errors avoids wasted resources.

Provide Transparency

Monitor performance of each deal in real-time and drill down to the individual holder. Accurately plan resourcing and close-out timing.


FinSettle Holder Microsite

FinSettle Deal Microsite

FinSettle Deal Microsite becomes the official source of information throughout the deal's lifecycle. This is a dedicated website designed to meet the branding and communication needs of a bidder during a transaction.

Instantly available from the date of announcement, the Microsite offers the Deal team a means to communicate and engage with target holders about the value of the transaction and the opportunity it represents to them.

Benefiting from access to a full-service web support team, the site is managed from start to finish. Clients can work directly with the FinSettle team on their communication strategy with the Firm managing these changes through a secured content review process.

Where the firm is representing the target and there is no conflict, FinSettle can provide an information microsite to support friendly or hostile messaging as required.

Ask us about our experience supporting corporate restructures with Microsites designed to support the information needs of stockholders, customers and employees as transactions unfold.


The CaseRight Verification Workspace

FinSettle Election Facility

The FinSettle Election Facility offers a beautifully designed, mobile-friendly user experience that is preloaded with individual holder data to make it as fast and simple as possible for them to complete a cash/stock election.

Holders are sent invitations for secure access to the website which instantly verifies their identity and allows the holder to review their details before making an election personalised to their entitlements.

Designed to support domestic and cross-border transactions with holders the facility can also offer a paying agent to verify banking details, validates BSB, ABA or SWIFT codes and manages the acceptance of associated transaction fees.

The submission is completed in just a few steps.

Once a submission is made, the holder receives an email confirming that their application has been received and instructions should they require further assistance.


FinSettle Deal Management Dashboard

The FinSettle Deal Management Dashboard provides a real-time view of Holder instructions as they are submitted. The dashboard shows the number of submissions received daily over the course of the transaction and a complementary range of performance metrics to understand how the transaction is unfolding.

Hireachy technology is available to Firms running multiple transactions simulatneously. A license for the FinSettle technology allows the firm to issue a read-only access to Client management teams which allows direct access to these analytics.

This technology significantly reduces pressure on the legal teams by providing client answers and insights immediately. Clients benefit from the business intelligence data they need to make informed decisions.

The system's verification workspace shows holder and instruction details, provides tools for approval processing, follow-up and audit data.

The CaseRight Settlement Application

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Watch Cisco Discuss the M&A Portal

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