Reach Capital

Reach Capital has more than 15 years of experience and has delivered over 500 corporate action projects, making Reach Capital the most experienced vendor for these solutions. This experience ensures that any site we build will be a robust and capable solution that can be launched quickly with minimal risk.

Reach Capital provides a comprehensive digital strategy for your project; including web features and technologies that are designed to drive the success of your corporate action.

What can Reach Capital do for you?


We create amazing user experiences that help Investors make decisions; greatly increasing the uptake of your project.


We save you time, money and resources through efficient and cost-effective web-based distribution, electronic application processing, automated exception handling and audit.


We reduce project risk by always delivering on time and on budget, plus our SOC-II compliance and other protocols deliver bank-grade security and regulatory compliance.


We enable your firm to innovate, compete and give your clients a better service.

Share Tender sites / Off-market Buy-backs

Whether Self-Tender, Dutch Auction or any other form of off-market buy-backs, Reach’s digital services will give you better results. Reach will build an Offer micro-site that will let your holders review all documents, and submit their tender response along with online tax certifications. Their ability to access all information and respond immediately (even on their phone), means you’ll get more participants.

Auctions can include advanced Dutch multi-price, multi-tranche offers. Reach can also build out indicative tax calculators so that Investors can quickly assess any tax benefits before they bid.

Reach Tender Portals include:

  • Mobile-friendly Information Portals
  • Automated reminders and follow-up
  • Advanced multi-price, multi-tranche bids
  • Real-time reporting and dashboards
  • Online W8/W9 certification
  • Indicative Tax Position calculators
  • Review and change-of-mind functionality
The Reach Agency - Share Tender sites / Off-market Buy-backs

Exchange Portals

Reach delivers highly customized web portals for a full range of exchange programs. Investors can log-in from anywhere and from any device to quickly and conveniently respond to your corporate action.

Digital communications campaigns engage participants, drive offer uptake and overcome investor apathy… all creating a better outcome for your project.

The Reach Exchange Portals can easily handle simultaneous multiple assets, each with multiple classes. The online form provides immediate feedback to investors and prevents over/under or other common investor mistakes. This greatly reduces exception handling and paper processing costs. Not to mention, creates happier investors.

The Reach Agency - Exchange Portals

Mergers & Acquisitions – Target Tender Portals

For any M&A project, it's vital that the company/s and their advisors control the messaging and narrative. That means a high-level outbound communication matrix to ensure that investors, employees, customers and other stakeholders are all properly and accurately informed.

Often an Election and/or an Exchange also needs to take place. With 85% of investors preferring the online medium, it's important any project includes Reach’s advanced digital services.

Reach provides:

  • Information Portals (short-notice)
    • Bidder / Target / Combined
  • Target Share Tender sites
  • Special Employee Plan migration portals
  • eCommunications campaigns
  • Online Elections (with advanced rules)
  • Offer Exchange Portals
  • Media center
  • Secure project Dealroom
The Reach Agency - Mergers & Acquisitions – Target Tender Portals

Private Transaction Portals, or Paying Agent Portals

First used by a Fortune-100 company, the Reach Private Transaction Portal allows target shareholders to quickly and easily register their payment instructions (including FX), complete online tax certifications (W9/W8s), and receive confirmation instantly from anywhere in the world. The portal’s dashboard lets the client monitor progress in real time. The reusable portal is flexible enough to accommodate project-by-project customizations yet keep the reuse costs low.

  • Cost-effective, low-risk solution that accommodates different acquisition deal rules
  • Multi-project options for Legal/Advisor Firms or acquisitive corporations
  • Delivered efficiencies and a better shareholder experience by not using paper forms
  • Live dashboard system provides real-time progress transparency
  • Automated reminder and follow-up options
The Reach Agency - Private Transaction Portals

Employee Plans Advanced Elections and Exchange Portals

Companies with Employee Plans are careful that their employees can easily participate in annual or extraordinary Plan events. Often these employees are geographically dispersed, time poor and unfamiliar with the tax and regulatory implications of their holding.

That’s why Reach provides comprehensive information portals for employees to be efficiently updated on the Plan changes and events. Using their employee identification, they can execute their elections on their phone, tablet or desktop. Automated reminders and expiration warnings make the process of capturing all instructions saves time and cost. Optional indicative tax calculators and other digital aides, help employees make the best decisions for their personal circumstances.

Reach supports complex multi-plan, multi-tier elections and consolidations (especially helpful for merger events).

Reach’s Advanced Employee Plan Portals:

  • Steps each employee though a highly-personalized wizard
  • Only presents options and questions that were relevant to that individual
  • Dynamically manages unlimited business rule permutations
  • Mobile, Tablet and desktop compatible
  • All information in one spot
  • Integration with payroll data
  • Advanced business rules for multi-tier, multi-class and multi-plan processing
  • Multi-language support
The Reach Agency - Employee Plans Advanced Elections and Exchange Portals

Initial Public Offers, Bonds, Notes, Hybrids and Direct Offers

Where an Issuer is looking to market their share offer or directly to retail/wholesale investors, Reach has a full range of digital services to make this happen efficiently and effectively. Our experience ranges from nano and micro-cap offers through multi-billion dollar raisings and from 100 investors through over 1 million.

Our digital services include:

  • Mobile-friendly Offer information portals
  • Integrated Broker/Dealer channeling
  • Integrated eCommunications programs
  • Online application processing
  • Online payment processing
  • Automated reconciliation, reminders and follow-up
  • Integrated Call Centre tools
  • Secure project deal rooms
  • Support for dual paper stream
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Online investor tax certification and accreditation
The Reach Agency - Initial Public Offers, Bonds, Notes, Hybrids and Direct Offers

Subscription Portals for REITs and Alternative investments

Reach’s Subscription Portal makes it easy for investors and RIAs to participate in an investment offer. Issuers can greatly increase the uptake of their offer, reduce back-office costs and improve compliance.

The system can be configured for direct sales or to manage distribution though a RIA network or other digital channels. The technology enforces investor accreditation and tax certification, minimizes paper, increases visibility and provides a detailed audit. The mobile-friendly technology greatly reduces the time it takes for an interested investor to submit their application and payment, increasing the success of the raising.

Issuers and RIAs will have access to application status in real-time (RIAs are restricted to their client data). The system workflow and application review process allow RIAs, then the Issuer, to review, notate, accept or reject applications. The system can also be configured to automatically manage commissions.

This highly customizable technology can be used for a full range of investment vehicles and can also be used by Broker/Dealer/Advisor firms inhouse to manage all their client offers.

The Reach Agency - Subscription Portals for REITs and Alternative investments

Secondary Raisings – Rights & Entitlements

Our digital services will help you reach your shareholders and maximize their uptake of your offer. With timelines for these projects continually shrinking and over 85% of shareholders preferring online, a professionally branded website with integrated eComms and supporting digital marketing are now the minimum.

A complete web solution for distribution of a rights issue, either through a broker network or disintermediated.

  • Display shareholders’ current balance of eligible securities
  • Calculate a percentage of shareholders’ balance for exchange
  • Provide a convenient withdrawal process and period
  • Include payment options and tax certifications
  • Auto-stamping of Broker sourced applications
The Reach Agency - Secondary Raisings – Rights & Entitlements

Listed Transaction Portals

Demutualizations - Member Engagement, Integrated Call Centre & Case Management

Reach provides a full suite of online tools to make a demutualization as successful and painless as possible. We create client-engagement Information Portals and outbound digital campaigns to garner the support the project needs. These sites plainly explain the process, the entitlements of the members and the choices they will have to make.

There needs to be a way for member/customers to easily access their projected entitlement, so Reach will integrate its systems with the company’s back-end systems. Reach has easily managed projects with over 3 million stakeholders.

Additionally, the Reach suite of tools equips the Call Centre agents with the tools to look-up member/customer entitlements, review correspondence, resend any information and record any registrations or disputes. Of course, the Reach Call Centre system also provides standard functionality such as call scripts, knowledge bases, bulletin boards, call logging and audit trail.

Reach’s Case Management tools allow unhappy member/customers to be routed to the appropriate responder. This can include external mediation or legal providers. The Reach Case Management tool assigns work, controls access to client and case folders and tracks all activities. Naturally, it monitors performance and alerts management to SLA exceptions.

Once the legal processes have advanced enough, Reach will change the Information Portal to a voting portal, election portal, exchange portal or payment instruction portal. All digital and all compatible with phones and tablets.

All the while through this process, the Reach Communication platform is automatically reaching out to all stakeholders with updates, calls-to-action, reminders and confirmations via email or SMS. It can even dispatch batch data to print/mail houses automatically.


  • Smart-phone, tablet and desktop Information Portals
  • Policyholder login with real-time lookup of all their policies and Associated entitlements
  • Online registration platform to reduce printing and distribution costs
  • Live dashboards and reporting for Company, Management, Agents and External Advisors / Contractors
  • Integrated Call Centre system:
    • Look up policyholder details and entitlements
    • Resend emails and view correspondence history
    • Create a ‘case’ and escalate
  • Integrated Case Management:
    • Agent case queueing, monitoring, escalation and assignment
    • External mediator login to manage their assigned cases, correspondence and files. Including progress reporting and SLA alerts
    • Case age/value tracking, reporting and audit
  • Integrated Data Management with change auditing and ad hoc extracts
  • Dedicated local server farm for data sovereignty, high-volume and high-security requirements

The Reach Agency - Listed Transaction Portals

Reach has provided solutions for the world’s leading financial institutions