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Who We Are

Our Journey

We've built our business on the back of more than twenty years of experience with digital technology.

Today we are actively sought by the world’s largest banks and advisors to support deals, transacting billions of invested dollars.

Computershare & Reach celebrate 10-year joint venture

Established in 2009, Reach has provided Computershare's clients with digital transaction services for more than 10 years. This joint venture has established Reach as a global industry leader.

Screenshot of Computershare website

Reach establish an ongoing relationship with Cisco's in-house M&A team to support their private acquisitions.

Through our partnership with Computershare, we were engaged to meet the needs of Cisco's private acquisitions and to resolve legacy issues experienced with traditional processing.

Screenshot of Cisco Deal website

Economical Insurance engage Reach to build a customer-centric deal communications portal to support their demutualization.

Planning to demutualize, Economical Insurance required a sophisticated self-serve information site that helped to educate and sell the deal to their 1+ million policyholders.

Screenshot of Economical JIOF website

Reach delivers a cross-border tax certification portal for Brokers and Investors during the PepsiCo acquisition of Israeli-based SodaStream.

Used by more than 150 US Broker Firms, the certification portal eliminated error-prone and time-consuming paper forms and provided Brokers with real-time application status for their clients.

Screenshot of TaxPortal website

During the landmark Twenty-First Century Fox acquisition, Reach provided a full suite of digital services.

Reach deployed a solution to process cash/stock elections and handle tax certification. The digital service supported a transaction worth more than $70Bn and provided the management team with real-time analytics on take-up rate.

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A Successful 10+ Years in Joint-Venture

In 2019 we celebrated a milestone 10-year joint venture with the global share registry super-power, Computershare Group Limited.

We have collaborated successfully on more than 1,000 corporate transactions since the joint venture started. Reach has brought Computershare high value on-demand digital services for its corporate transaction clients, and we have been able to scale our business globally as a result of this incredible partnership.

Corporate transaction clients of Computershare can request the support of our digital services through their representatives by mentioning Reach. Reach can also connect Deal Teams to the right Computershare contacts to begin setting up a successful transaction.

Our People

Our in-house experts and product specialists are supported by our experienced board and management team.

Executive Team

The Reach Agency Executive Team - Irfan Motiwala The Reach Agency Executive Team - Irfan Motiwala

Irfan Motiwala

The Reach Agency Executive Team - Simon Clatworthy The Reach Agency Executive Team - Simon Clatworthy

Simon Clatworthy

The Reach Agency Executive Team - Calvin Rowley The Reach Agency Executive Team - Calvin Rowley

Calvin Rowley

Management Team

The Reach Agency Management Team - Lee Parsons The Reach Agency Management Team - Lee Parsons

Lee Parsons

The Reach Agency Management Team - Matthew Wanders The Reach Agency Management Team - Matthew Wanders

Matthew Wanders

When advising clients to go digital, having the answers to security questions is critical.

Return to this section of our site for content profiling Reach's security protocols, our certification, and details of the security-related services we can extend to clients.

You can also access our software brochures and supporting materials below.

Security & Certification

Reach is committed to developing solutions that help clients conduct their business safely online.

ISAE3402 Certified Logo

ISAE 3402 Certified

Reach maintains this internationally recognized standard of certification to meet the security needs of financial institutions.

SOC 2 Compliant Logo

SOC 2 Compliant

Reach operates in accordance with the governing protocols of SOC 2. We carry out an annual independent compliance audit and these reports are available if requested.

Independent Penetration Testing Logo

Independent Penetration Testing

As part of our SOC compliance, Reach regularly engages an independent third-party to carry out security penetration testing of our platform (aka White Hat hacking). Reports are available for client review.

Center for Internet Security Logo

CIS Server Hardening Benchmarks

Reach subscribes to and implements server hardening protocols as published and maintained by the Center for Internet Security to ensure Reach's infrastructure meets or exceeds configuration standards for best practise security.


OWASP Secure Coding Standards

Reach coding standards include mitigations for the OWASP Top10 software coding vulnerabilities.

Qualys Logo

Surface Scanning

Reach regularly carries out scans of the Reach portals to ensure that SSL and Header support are properly configured at all times.

AWS Logo Amazon GuardDuty Logo

Threat Detection and Monitoring

Reach uses the full suite of AWS security tools, including AWS GuardDuty that continuously monitors for malicious activity and unauthorized behaviour to protect accounts, workloads, and data.

AWS Logo AWS Shield Logo

AWS Shield DDoS Attack Mitigation

Reach uses the full suite of AWS security tools, including AWS Shield, that provides Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) detection and automatic inline mitigations that minimize application downtime.

New Relic Logo

New Relic - System Performance Monitoring

In addition to AWS system tools, Reach deploys New Relic active system monitoring tools to track performance and capacity of all active services and equipment. Breach thresholds are alerted automatically to the Reach engineers to remedy before system errors.

Encryption Logo


All Personal Identification Information (PII) data is encrypted at all times. We use 256-bit encryption for all data at rest and 2048-bit private keys for site connections.

Data Sovereignty Logo

Data Sovereignty

Reach ensures data sovereignty by setting up servers in each jurisdiction. At no time will data leave the client's jurisdiction.

Currently Reach has self-contained and quarantined infrastructure in USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and EU.

Microsoft Azure Logo

Microsoft Azure - Software Development Lifecycle Management

Reach uses a range of tools including Microsoft Azure for source code management and control; version control and rollback; and branching.

We use Jira to support our Agile development regime.


Global Data Privacy Regulation Compliance

Reach can comply with international privacy regulations as may be required for each project’s jurisdiction. This includes GDPR, CCPA, and Australia’s Data Privacy Act.