About Us

We’re dynamic, fast and innovative. We’re also disciplined, professional and supported by the world’s largest transfer agent. Our joint venture partnership with Computershare is testament to the value of our skills and experience.

We are defined by our skills and expertise in developing financial grade digital systems and strategies. We developed our skills in the finance industry, but we apply them to all industries we work in.

We offer a refreshingly honest and logical approach to developing digital assets. This approach delivers cross-business returns through process automation and the conceptual design of online customer experiences.

Our team has decades of experience consulting on how digital technology can be used to design a personalized market approach and achieve the commercial needs of our clients.

We are committed to helping our clients find ways to leverage digital technology to minimize expenses, mitigate risks, increase efficiencies, and innovate within their industry.

The Reach Agency is a joint venture with Computershare

Our Team

The Executive Team

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The Reach Agency Executive Team - Irfan Motiwala

Irfan Motiwala

Non-Executive Director

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The Reach Agency Executive Team - Simon Clatworthy

Simon Clatworthy

Independent Director

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The Reach Agency Executive Team - Calvin Rowley

Calvin Rowley

Chief Executive Officer

Our Values

Listen, Learn and Lead

The Reach Agency's core values are, "Listen, Learn and Lead".

  • Internally, we listen to our people and value each individual's contribution. We encourage learning and expect our staff to take ownership of their roles and lead by example.
  • We practice these values externally by listening to our clients, learning and understanding their needs and leading them in the right direction.

This is more than just a strategy to deliver value to our clients; it is a commitment to constantly seek new ways to help our clients reach their potential through technology.

Environmental Responsibility

Our clients value their contribution to sustainability and so do we

The definition of Corporate Sustainability is to responsibly manage all the elements that make up our business: our stakeholders, our workplace, the community and the environment.

As a trusted partner to companies who value their contribution to corporate sustainability The Reach Agency is committed to operating responsibly.

Conscious Operations

As a business we are conscious of the environmental impact our operation has in our local markets and we have selected our partners for their investment in environmentally friendly operations.

Environmental Awareness

The Reach Agency is committed to offsetting their environmental impact and, while their business is largely online, Reach does their part to act environmentally responsible for the paper produced by their business.

Community Support

The Reach Agency exports their services internationally and is part of the global business community. Reach actively supports social initiatives and we encourage our staff to participate in matters of local importance to society.

One example of our commitment to community is that we publish, free of charge, the Annual Reports of any registered charity using our commercial interactive PDF software, Republicast. If you are a registered charity please contact us and we would be honored to help you in this way.

Our Own Green Solutions

Reach proudly provides green-friendly solutions.

The Reach Agency offers digital alternatives to traditional paper processes. Ask us about our green-friendly solutions that can help reduce your business' environmental footprint.

By the nature of our business, we help our clients dramatically reduce their paper consumption and wastage. For example, through our Digital IPO services, producing a digital uptake of up to 85%, we are saving many thousands of Offer Documents from having to be produced and delivered.

Reach has provided solutions for the world’s leading financial institutions