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We have been delivering digital solutions to the finance industry since the year 2009

We are defined by our skills and expertise in developing financial grade digital systems and strategies.

We offer a refreshingly honest and logical approach to developing digital assets. This approach delivers cross-business returns through process automation and the conceptual design of online customer experiences.

Our team has decades of experience consulting on how digital technology can be used to design a personalised market approach and achieve the commercial needs of our clients.

About us

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The Reach Agency is a digital development company that started fifteen years ago and has grown to become one of the most trusted independent service providers in the finance industry.

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Our clients value the transparent and logical approach we take to delivering technical projects.

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We are committed to helping our clients find ways to leverage digital technology to minimise expense, mitigate risk, increase efficiency, and innovate within their industry.

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Our joint venture with Computershare, the world's largest share registry, is a testament to the value of our experience and the quality of our results.

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Experienced, capable and heading in the same direction

The Executive Team

The Executive Team at The Reach Agency

Greg Dooley
Non-Executive Director

Simon Clatworthy
Independent Director

Calvin Rowley
Chief Executive Officer

The Management Team

The Management Team at The Reach Agency

Lee Parsons
Chief Operations Officer

Matthew Wanders
Head of Technology

Candice Rosenzweig
Commercial Director

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Listen, Learn and Lead

The Reach Agency's core values are, "Listen, Learn and Lead".

The Listen, Learn, Lead philosophy is actively practiced internally and externally at Reach.

  • Internally, we listen to our people and value each individual's contribution. We encourage learning and expect our staff to take ownership of their roles and lead by example.
  • We practice these values externally by listening to our clients, learning and understanding their needs and leading them in the right direction.

This is more than just a strategy to deliver value to our clients; it is a commitment to constantly seek new ways to help our clients reach their potential through technology.

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Our clients value their contribution to sustainability and so do we

The definition of Corporate Sustainability is to responsibly manage all the elements that make up our business: our stakeholders, our workplace, the community and the environment.

As a trusted partner to companies who value their contribution to corporate sustainability The Reach Agency is committed to operating responsibly.

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The Reach Agency has a public relations programme and is available for media enquiries

For all media enquiries about The Reach Agency, our comments, current affairs and solutions please contact:

Candice Rosenzweig
P +61 (0)2 8278 7113 |
M +61 (0)434 314 571 |
E candicer@thereachagency.com

The Reach Agency P/L ACN 138 360 120

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