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In times of global upheaval, it's important to learn how digital services can ensure your deal doesn't slow down.

We walk you through the many advantages of a digital-first strategy for your transaction. Learn how you can increase participation and lower costs.

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Discover our range of services

Digital services for primary and secondary capital raisings.

Capital - Built by The Reach Agency

A financial settlement and communications technology for mergers, acquisitions and paying agents.

FinSettle - Built by The Reach Agency

Our range of technologies and services dedicated to the legal industry.

LawTech - Built by The Reach Agency

At Reach, we can support any transaction type in any jurisdiction.


Value of a Single Transaction Project

Shareholders in a
Single Transaction

Reviews and accolades from our valued clients and end users.

Saved at least 2 hours per client

15,890 reconnections enquiries processed and counting

We always meet our clients' standards for system reliability and resilience, especially during a major acquisition.

Reach has risen to every challenge.


Online Participation Rate

We are dedicated to supporting the financial services industry through first-class digital technology.

Reach’s market-leading technologies are used throughout the industry. Explore how our software can help you.

Explore Key Features

Data Sovereignty

Data Sovereignty & Security

With clients located around the world, our sites need to process highly sensitive data in-line with each jurisdictions' requirements.

At Reach, security is not just a box we check. It's a cultural mindset for our whole team. We have the highest levels of certification for your peace of mind.

Investor and Application Onboarding

We provide investor and application web portals that are custom built to the exact needs of a transaction's requirements.

We ensure compliance with mandatory acceptance of deal documents, handle AML/KYC requirements and capture electronic 'acceptances'. We even generate personalized and executed PDFs for record keeping purposes.

User Friendly Interfaces

We’ve serviced millions of investors across the globe and with the full range of sophistication. We know how to make complex transactions easy for all of them.

Our forms are smart, dynamic and intuitive. Our data validation tools identify errors at the source and provide the user with easy-to-follow messages and help.

Visual Data

Experience working from our visually engaging interactive dashboards. Easily click through to the data behind the charts and graphs and run extracts or reports as required. Share live read-only dashboards with various stakeholders through our user management controls.


Our transaction sites have a high degree of design customization for an experience that will connect your investors with your brand during your transaction. We optimize the experience across devices because today's investors want the convenience of mobile.

The World's leading provider of digital services for Deal Teams.