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REACH Dealroom

A confidential project collaboration and data room platform

Dealroom is an Australian-owned and locally operated virtual data room software offered as a service that provides a secure online communication and file exchange area for highly confidential projects.

Dealroom has been purpose-built to support everything from internal project needs to large scale complex projects with contributions from teams across multiple organisations. Dealroom offers the flexibility to support the workflow requirements of teams in disciplines such as project management, legal and operations.

This versatile service is easy to set up and use. It has an intuitive and user-friendly tool set and offers an auditable digital space for file storage and exchange, communications, workflow, events and other resources.

A centralised platform for collaborating on confidential projects

Dealroom has been used for several


corporate action projects, helping all parties to collaborate confidentially.

More than just a file repository, Dealroom was purposely developed to deliver a secure online environment to protect the commercial sensitivity of corporate actions projects in the global investment banking industry.

Why is Reach Dealroom of value?


Dealroom makes it easy for your team to log in, open, view and navigate through project files and documentation, team communications, meetings and events and assigned workflow. Dealroom has been developed for use on all desktop and laptop devices which have access to the internet, making the service immediately available anytime and anywhere.

Ease of use

Dealroom can be ready to use within minutes of receiving your user access details. The functionality is easy to understand and intuitive to navigate. The Dealroom control centre allows users to focus on priority communications, tasks and documents through the newsfeed feature.


For our Australian clients, Dealroom data is hosted and retained in Australia. All software development and technical support services are delivered in Australia. This means that your data is protected by Australian jurisdictional privacy laws. For non-Australian clients, Dealroom can be deployed in Reach's overseas data centres.


Dealroom provides email notifications when there is activity on your account. The Dealroom Support Team offers system reporting for the purpose of auditing. A conversation or document communication thread can be accessed easily through the Dealroom Support Team.

Who Needs Reach Dealroom?

Any time there is a commercially sensitive project that requires contribution from many stakeholders, both internally and externally, Dealroom will be of value.

Those who need Dealroom are:

  • managing projects that have damaging or costly consequences if information is leaked
  • struggling with transparency of progress from external providers and other stakeholders
  • currently using unsecured emails and phone calls to assign tasks and track communication on projects.

To get started using Reach Dealroom

Dealroom is an innovative technology platform with a growing extensions library that can tailor the software to suit your exact project needs. View the Reach Dealroom Information Kit or arrange to talk to our team.