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REACH Connect

Connecting businesses to their clients online

Reach Connect has delivered digital solutions to the finance industry for more than 15 years. We look for opportunities to work with clients on key areas of their digital strategy to deliver online assets that save time, reduce risk and deliver returns. To learn more about our approach to digital, please explore the following icons that represent our key solutions areas.

Why is Reach Connect of value?

Reach Connect is a full service digital offering with a focus on helping you to enhance your customer experience, online and offline.

We deliver websites built to generate market demand as well as maximise revenue from your customer base. We make it as quick and simple as possible for investors to invest with you.

We deliver online customer experiences that strategically help our clients to express their point of difference and service their customers.

We work in partnership with our clients to regularly review the performance of their digital strategy, helping to keep their digital assets modern and competitive.

To get started

We start by meeting with you to learn more about your company and your go-to-market approach. This helps us to understand where to begin building a solution that will deliver clear returns for you.

We work with you to determine the requirements of a launch solution and provide a project plan that will see your solution delivered within an ideal timeframe. Once designed, we offer our clients a range of options to manage their investment with Reach Connect.

Digital Strategy

Web Design & Development

There are many reasons why a business may need to review how a website was designed and developed.

  • The website may be static 'brochure-ware' and fail to convert visitors into clients.
  • The original website may have been launched before the advent of mobile responsive design.
  • The company may have outgrown their existing website and be chasing significant growth.
  • There may be an interest in refreshing an image or targeting a specific market.

Design is an important part of any successful digital asset; 75% of online users admit to making judgements about a company's credibility based on the website design. These opinions are formed in just 0.05 seconds.

Many companies have not even considered or explored the benefits that website development can bring to their business. Web development is often the difference between a website that qualifies business leads and one that is purely an information source for visitors.

Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding, otherwise known as the Account Opening Process, is the controlled step-by-step information transfer that new customers must go through in order to open an account with your business. There are many businesses that still require the submission of paper forms in order to provide services to the customer.

Many brands lead consumers down confusing purchase paths or provide generic 'one size fits all' processes that don't personalise the experience for the applicant. Perhaps one of the most frustrating customer experiences with application forms is having to enter information that the business already has.

Savvy businesses consider how to use digital technology to simplify, break down and personalise the account opening process; saving their customers time and making the experience more enjoyable. This applies equally to direct retail investors, advisors and distributors of your products.

Online Customer Experience

A "customer only" area of a website can offer your business a powerful opportunity to grow and retain your existing customer base. Too often this valuable opportunity is missed because data providers supply customer-facing account software through online portals. Reach believes that any customer or market-facing website should be delivered by a specialised Digital Agency that can tailor the experience for your business.

The problem with systemic data interfaces is that the experience for the customer simply feels generic. While account information may be personalised, the business has no way to communicate with their online customers leading to very little or no customer service, let alone a unique experience.

Reach work in conjunction with many clients and their data providers to strategically use their site to improve engagement with existing customers. We help businesses to deliver customer service online and achieve objectives for market differentiation, retention and growth.

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Mobile Solutions

Despite the huge number of people using smartphones and other internet enabled mobile devices the vast majority of business websites are still poorly optimised for mobile users.

Reach can rapidly build and deliver mobile-friendly solutions for your company. Whether your prospective client is responding to a TV ad with their tablet, in the bus with their smart phone, or at the office desktop, Reach will build you an easy-to-use, compliant and consistent interface to your business.

Your customers and prospects will engage with your business using the device of their choice and at a time or place of their choosing.

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Digital Communication

Email Communications

Business intelligence is rapidly changing how email communications are planned and delivered. Recent studies into email marketing effectiveness have uncovered evidence that customers are responsive to relevant emails from trusted brands. In fact many expect their valued service providers to use email as the main mechanism for communication regarding their accounts and customer service needs.

Reach have extensive experience with building personalised email marketing campaigns using customer databases. During recent large-scale public offers, personalised emails sent on behalf of clients achieved a highly successful open-rate of well over 50%.

Reach has key expertise in strategically approaching email marketing campaigns and communications for a wide range of clients. Our experts can work with you to audit the quality of your customer data and current email communications approach to provide your team with advice, technology and support.

Our strategy places a focus on helping clients to engage their customer base. This is done by identifying customers in key stages of the customer lifecycle for optimal returns and campaign success.

Social Media

A Social Media strategy can benefit most businesses but without a considered approach you can end up investing time and money without results.

Just because you are on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube and have a high number of likes, or followers, doesn't mean that your social media strategy is working. If you are not generating conversations or new subscribers, or making any money, then it isn't working.

It is important to learn who consumers in your market are and what they are interested in. Research into why consumers follow brands on Twitter has uncovered that as many as 52% of people are doing so because they want to be made aware of special offers, discounts and promotions, while 30% want access to exclusive content.

Reach Connect sets measurable outcomes such as increased SEO, brand signal, participation and engagement. We consider an effective social media strategy to include a mix of marketing and content campaigns that are pre-planned and offer incentives for distribution or participation.

When using a direct salesforce to convert generated leads, we include insight from Sales Managers in the campaign planning process to ensure that respondents are answering controlled qualification questions which have a high chance of conversion.

Generating returns from a social media strategy is possible when you have pre-outlined objectives to measure and have processes in place to capture and manage leads into the business.

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Digital Systems

The impact of 'digital' on businesses is evident and for many it means adapting to ever-changing consumer-driven communication demands and behaviour.

Businesses across many industries are turning online to strategically seize market opportunities, operate efficiently, make informed decisions quickly and draw maximum value from their customer base.

Over the years there have been an almost infinite number of technologies from hundreds of vendors with the aim of helping businesses achieve these objectives. This has led to a wide range of different system configurations and information architecture.

Reach Connect are technical experts that specialise in designing easy to use digital systems that simplify information processing and data exchanges. We focus on the best way to capture, process, and deliver operational and customer intelligence to the right person in an easy to read format.

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Customer Onboarding Solutions | Account Opening & Online Form Processes

Effective customer onboarding continues to be a challenge for many companies in markets where customer data needs to be captured, recorded and processed to open a compliant new account.

Once the customer is onboarded, a secondary challenge is to provide an effective online engagement process, providing an interactive platform for client interaction, and supplementary forms to execute changes to the account relationship.

Reach provides customer onboarding solutions that suit the needs of both high and low volume markets, from instant online loan applications through to sophisticated transactional accounts and high-value investments. In both instances the need for paperless customer onboarding is driven by the common objectives for increased market share, operational efficiency and account retention.

In the highly commoditised retail markets such as cards, loans, insurance, utilities and mortgages there is often a very limited window of time in which to engage new customers before momentum and cross-sell opportunities are lost. Reach understands that for our clients in high volume retail markets there is a need to have accounts opened and segmented for tailored approaches to marketing and customer service.

We have developed a number of secure, compliant solutions for various markets that focus on keeping the information gathered during the account opening process limited to the needs of the customer. Using electronic identity verification, paperless processing and our proprietary application management system, we can process the required checks and approvals. The customer experience remains as fast, easy and controlled as possible.

We can deploy a system that supports your business rules and procedures for new account holder qualification, marketing and management. Qualification is achieved through our proprietary scorecard system and information collected from a wide range of available sources. Using these technologies, we can draw conclusions about the new customer's individual situation, qualifying them for your suite of products and services. This solution helps to increase your marketing effectiveness in the first nine months of account opening.

Depending on the product in question, any of the following regulatory requirements may need to be covered in an auditable way during the onboarding process;

  • Proof Of Identity Verification (POI)
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) / Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF)
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)
  • FATCA Requirements

Corporate Onboarding Solutions & Account Maintenance

Client onboarding is emerging as a key area of opportunity for financial institutions to differentiate themselves. The current processes are highly labour intensive, undergo intense regulatory scrutiny due to the many human elements involved, and carry heavy operational overheads. Efficient, compliant customer onboarding offers finance companies the opportunity to expand into new territories, acquire new business, proactively target key accounts, rapidly deploy new products and establish themselves as industry leaders.

Reach have developed a suite of digital systems that combine the benefits of our highly secure data room technology with tools for;

  • project collaboration
  • application processing for compliance requirements and
  • complex identity validation.

Reach has the in-house skills and knowledge to create a digital process and workflow that is completely unique to your business:

  • Reach has partnered with leading financial institutions for over fifteen years.
  • We offer an opportunity to apply the latest in online technology to create a cost effective and unique client onboarding experience.
  • Capture, process and deliver auditable onboarding data, demonstrating compliance with regulatory demands - KYC, AML, CFT and PEP due diligence.

Our solution allows you to build a workflow process and customer experience that incorporates document reviews and provides for the specific needs of each project discipline. An effective client onboarding system should collect the correct client information, maintain the data and documentation over time, and support the continuous adherence to policy.

Most importantly, the experience should provide transparency and logic for your onboarding team and your clients throughout the process.

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